Resume Tips

Resume Tips

First Impressions

Your resume is the first thing an employer sees from you. Most employers will use a resume to decide whether you move on to the next stage of the employment process. Make your first impression count.

Skills and Accomplishments

It is important to think about your accomplishments and create a list: professional achievements, things that you did well, enjoyed doing, and were proud of. Include education/training, volunteer opportunities, jobs, projects, school assignments, travel, and group/team activities.


Don’t be shy; this is your chance to promote your skills and abilities!

Creating Your Resume

Communication skills have been proven to be the most important factor taken into consideration by an employer, well ahead of the number of years of industry experience an applicant has, the college from which he or she graduated, or even the company for which he or she last worked. Your ability to write and communicate effectively will influence your ability to get a job. Your resume can be a tool used to display these skills. Have someone review your resume and cover letter before presenting it to an employer. Over time your language skills will improve and you will be able to speak with confidence and handle yourself better in front of potential employers. Thank you letters and follow-up correspondence will impress employers as well.